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Career consulting service and/or resume, mock interview services providers are available/welcome now

Resume and Mock Interview Third Party Services are available now

From time to time, lots of candidates are looking for career consulting, resume and mock interview services. We used to provide the service for free, where we organized mentors and volunteers to help review the resume for candidates for free. Unfortunately, due to a huge volume of demand, we were not able to keep up with the demand. The service was discontinued, but the demand remains high.

Luckily, one of our mentors is willing to provide the service for pay. As such, if you are looking for the aforementioned service, resume editing, mock interview, and career consulting, please feel free to email

  1.  Resume Editing $250: 30 mins call for career consultation + resume editing
  2. Career Consultation/Mock Interview: $80/hr

Suitable career consulting area are finance, bank, accounting, IT.


Is this service endorsed by Talent Portal?

Yes, this service is endorsed by Talent Portal, provided by our mentor. There are currently 2 mentos: senior hr manager with extensive experience in terms of job hunting in the banking industry; senior manager of big 4 firms. You can reach them via

How does it work?

You email of your request and cc for future review purpose. For payment, you can e-Transfer to as based on your needs and discussion with the mentor. acts as a third party, and hold the payment until the service is delivered. Once the service is confirmed to be delivered by the candidate and the fund will be released.

We welcome more mentors to join the team. 

This is a pilot project, we welcome all professional who is interested to share your knowledge and insight of job hunting to job candidates. You can email of your interest (services and rate), and we will review your qualifications. Once approved, we will list your contact here as a mentor and you can take requests.

If you have any other question, please email, thanks.



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