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Creating an Effective Resume for next opportunities

Another busy recurring season is ahead of us, make your application is perfect and start your job hunting today.

1. Purpose of a Resume

The resume is a sales tool that separates you from other candidates

2. What are recruiters looking for?

  • short and simple resume, direct to the points, impress on the first glance
  • 30 seconds is the average time recruiter spent on a resume
  • written in the simplest format and plain English

3. Tell your story and show off your personal brand

  • what have you achieved? remarkable, measurable
  • value, value, what value have you brought to your previous company
  • what are the unique qualities (strategic, passionate, insightful)
  • show the highlights of you

4. Common resume pitfalls lead to rejection

  • fail to list your achievement (how are you different from other candidates, what value are you going to bring to the team)
  • fail to keep it short, failure to check grammar and spelling mistakes
  • fail to show your past experience fit the position
  • fail to have a cover letter

5. Formatting tips

  • consistent font and spacing alignment
  • use bullet points (4-5 max)
  • 2-3 pages max
  • use keywords to pass through Applicant Tracking System filters (every word on the resume shall earn its spot for itself)

6. Branding Statement

  • the objective is outdated, use Career Summary – “Exceptional Client Care Representative with 5 years of customer service experience. Achieved quarterly awards from customer satisfaction surveys. With a proven record of awarding winning service and dedication will bring great value to the Channel Partner Business Analyst role.”
  • make it unique, passionate and brief

7. Summary of Qualifications/Skills

  • ensure skills align with your job experience
  • include measurable accomplishments
  • list relevant information only

8. Experience & Education

  • streamline for effectiveness – only choose the relevant experience to the opportunities
  • remove experience from 10 years ago
  • limit your experience to 5 jobs or less
  • include a few bullet point of achievements for each role
  • include the name of institution, location, degree and major and complete status

9. Additional items

  • volunteer: highlight the most relevant
  • certification: only relevant awards
  • reference: only provide details when requested, else, leave it out

If you are interested in adding volunteering experience to your resume, TP is recruiting one now, check it out here.

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