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Happy Chinese New Year 2018


Dear New and Old Friends,

Happy Chinese New Year 2018!!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely say thanks to all of you for your generous support to the development of Talent Portal Community in 2017.

Since Nov 2017, over hundreds of jobs have been shared within the community, as far as I know, 23 people found jobs directly through our community and there can be more indirect ones and the one that I am not aware of. That is a WONDERFUL achievement!!!! Thank you to you all again, and we look forward to the better 2018, with more open communication and great job shares to each other. Sharing is Caring, and you are not alone on this journey to a great career.

2017 Time Line

  • Nov 9 – First WeChat Group Created
  • Nov 10 – Reached 400 group members
  • Nov 24 – Reached 1,300 group members
  • Month of Nov – Collect and Share Jobs Positions via WeChat Public Account
  • Beginning Dec – completed and started sharing jobs
  • Jan 27 – Reached 1,843 group members
  • Feb 18 – 2,114 group member, 434 Jobs shared, 23 known direct placements (5.29% placement rate)

2018 Foward & Roadmap

2018 is going to be an exciting year for Talent Portal. We will officially be registered as an NPO, if and only if the total number of members reaches 3,000; as it demonstrated that TalentPortal as a job-sharing project is sustainable. Regular Member gathering and Career Days Events will be scheduled once after TalentPortal is registered as an NPO.

Volunteering Project

Talent Portal is a volunteer-based project,  we are constantly looking for great talents with open-mind and common value. If you like the community, feel free to reach out to me. Any idea is welcome to make it a better community.

Annual Survey

It is important to know what you are looking for, so we can prepare what is most demand for you. Please kindly finish this 2 mins survey.

Warmest Regards & Happy Chinese New Year,


If you have friends, who would like to join us, please feel free to scan this code to the entrance group, then I will invite him/her to the main groups.



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