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Hello Friends ~

Welcome to the Talent Portal website. This website is built and maintained by Cheng for the Talent Portal (TP) NPO project.

Basically, TP is a project dedicated to encouraging professionals to share internal career opportunities from their own companies, as well as resource and past experience. Our current main communication channel is still through wechat online groups, where the interaction can be more timely and effective. And most importantly, we get to build a deeper connection with each other, than through website or email. However, the website is essential and pivotal as it is very effective at sharing jobs and resource.

  1. If you own a company or want to share an opportunity, you are welcome to register as a Company to share and post jobs with others, it is a great way to promote a business too within the community. I will add a recommendation feature to the candidate in the near future, such that, we can recommend the best candidate to help you find the next super start for your company;
  2. If you are looking for jobs, you are welcome to register as a Candidate, view and apply for a job directly!!! You can also upload your resume so that employers can read your resume online. Please note that only approved employers are able to read your resume, it is not viewable to the public or any other candidates. All employers are manually approved by Cheng. And your contact information is private, and only the employer that you apply job to will be able to see them.

We encourage everyone to share with each other, you help others today when you can, others will help you back tomorrow. Remember, SHARING IS CARING.

If you have any question, feel free to send email to me at, or add my wechat at Toronto2020.

Best of luck on your job hunting journey, remember you are not alone, we are with you. Any question? Ask in the wechat group or shot me an email.



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