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How is Talent Portal different from other job sites?

Thanks Julie for asking the question, it is a great question.

First of all, Talent Portal is free to both job seekers and employers. Employer and Staffing Agencies are welcome to register accounts and post jobs. Currently, there is a total of 1,830 members on our platform. They are mainly from accounting, finance, IT and engineering industries.

Our primary focus is promoting “Internal Referal” of each other, that is, members share jobs that come across either through their own company or network. In contrast to applying for jobs and hoping the application goes through, we embrace¬†“Meet up and get to know each other, make friends and refer someone that you are comfortable to put your name on.” As such, we use WeChat as the main communication channel to make the relationship building readily available at your fingertip.

Talent Portal is more than a Job Posting website, it is a Relationship Building platform, where you can make life-long friends and flourishing future.



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