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7 Ways to Stand Out on LinkedIn

If you’re active on LinkedIn, you know that standing out in a network of over 200 million users is
tough. How does one stick out in a sea of others with similar, or seemingly better, qualifications?
We asked Steven Watt, Canadian Marketing Manager, Global Content at LinkedIn, and he provided 7 tips on how to optimize your profile to get noticed by recruiters and valuable connections on LinkedIn.

1.Think brand, not resume.
Start with a professional photo and headline. Think about what represents you, and who your
audience is – this will help you choose the most appropriate photo for your profile and it will make it easier to write a tight headline targeted towards the connections you are looking to make

2. Write a compelling summary.
Write in the first person and humanize yourself. This will help you be found, and when you are found, you’ll be interesting. Do not write a bio/summary in third-person. This does not sound professional; instead, it sounds robotic and uninteresting.

3. Get Recommendations and Skills endorsements.
It’s more powerful to get third-party validation than to be a self-proclaimed “P&L expert,” for
instance. Ask your network to recommend you, and list relevant skills they can endorse you for.

4. View every employee as an ambassador (of the company at which they work).
This is a good way to see what culture at your target company is like, and how professionals within your field use social networking. Don’t assume that just because employees are active on LinkedIn, that it means they are not happy with their current work. Instead, view active individuals on LinkedIn as modern professionals and use LinkedIn, in the same way, to make your company (and yourself) look good.

5. Engage your network.
The question of how do you drive traffic is probably why you’re reading this article and there are a few simple tricks to get you started. First, start sharing information relevant to your industry and prospective connections. Second, get engaged in things others are saying; raise awareness for yourself by commenting on the interesting individual, influencer (see below), and company posts.

6. Join and participate in groups.
This is another great way to connect with like-minded professionals, raise awareness for yourself, and drive traffic to your profile; thus, growing your network and adding to your professional worth.

7. Follow LinkedIn Influencers.
Adjust your news feed with tailored news to your interests. You will have the option of following thought-leaders in those realms (called “Influencers”). Follow these Influencers. They blog about thoughts and news within industries you may be targeting

Source: CPA

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