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Salary Guide: Highest Paying IT Jobs

The tech industry has never been bigger in the times we are living in today. You have different applications being created left and right, work being completed by automation and most companies have switched to using work laptops instead of the traditional pen and paper transactions. Technology has been a normal and even essential part of our lives for the last decade.

IT professionals are able to get relatively good-paying jobs. Of course, in an industry that demands you to be highly skilled, good pay also comes with bigger responsibilities and higher skillset requirements. While there are hundreds and thousands of courses you can take to take your knowledge and skills up a notch, you can also evaluate what career path you should take in order to fulfill your career goals.

Average base pay for IT Help Desk Analysts in Toronto, ON

The typical IT entry-level job, IT Help Desk Analyst/Technician, has an average base pay of CA$40,908 per year. A job as a Help Desk Analyst/Technician is a great start to build your career in IT. It also leads to different positions that would offer higher pay, some of these are IT Manager and Network Engineer. See more career paths at Payscale.

Career for an entry-level position in IT

In this, we will take a closer look into the highest paying IT jobs, their responsibilities, and what requirements you need to take note of to be considered in these roles:

5 Highest Paying Job IT Jobs in Toronto

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The Chief Information Officer is responsible for managing the use of information technology in the company. This role analyzes the importance and benefits of different technologies and implements these to improve operations. They also lookout for new technological advancements that can be used to the company’s advantage.

Average base pay for Chief Information Officers in Toronto, ON

The average base salary of a CIO is CA$171,427 per year in Toronto, ON.

To become a CIO, you need to have proven experience in a managerial role and excellent knowledge in IT systems and infrastructure data analysis, and business operations. You must also possess excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills. Preferred education for a CIO is a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering. Having an MA or MSc is also desired.

Cloud Architect

A cloud architect is responsible for building and managing the cloud computing architecture in the company. With the growth of cloud technologies, this role has become a vital role in every company. They usually carry out the deployment and maintenance tasks within the cloud structure.

Average base pay for Cloud Architects in Toronto, ON

The average base pay of a cloud architect is CA$125,132 per year in Toronto, ON.

A cloud architect must have a strong background in cloud computing, good knowledge of operating systems (E.g. Unix, Windows, Linux, etc), computer programming languages, and networking. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or any related field would be a good fit for this role. Certification in cloud certification is also great to have (e.g. AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform).

IT Architect

The IT architect designs and maintains computer networks. They are responsible for managing the security, components, and communication within the company. IT architects make sure that the company is compliant with the rules and regulations. They also provide assistance in managing other technological aspects of the business.

Average base pay for IT Architects in Toronto, ON

The average base pay for an IT architect is CA$120,942 per year in Toronto, ON.

To be an IT architect you must have at least five years of professional experience and a bachelor’s degree in computer science or any related field. Some employers also require a master’s degree. To be able to successfully get in this role, you need to have knowledge in systems architecture, cloud computing, infrastructure, and security.

Blockchain Engineer

A blockchain engineer or blockchain developer builds applications using blockchain technology. They are also responsible for designing, implementing, and supporting a blockchain-based network. The growing popularity of cryptocurrency has allowed the demand for this role to grow.

Average base pay for Blockchain Engineers in Toronto, ON

The average base pay for a blockchain engineer is CA$106,395 per year in Toronto, ON.

As this is overall a new role, blockchain engineers must be open to new learnings as they move further into their careers. Other than that, they must have a strong understanding of programming languages, familiarity with cryptography, strong knowledge in algorithms and data structures, and experience with open-source projects and large codebases. A bachelor’s degree in computer science and information systems is a good fit for this role.

IT Manager

The IT manager is the leader of the IT department. This role is responsible for running regular checks on the network and data security, identifying opportunities to improve and update software and systems, conducting system audits, and more. Overall, they coordinate, plan and lead computer-related activities within the organization.

Average base pay for IT Managers in Toronto, ON

The average base pay of an IT manager in Toronto, ON is CA$97,217 per year.

To be an IT manager, you must have at least 2 to 5 years of experience in IT operations, experience in leading IT projects, and knowledge in security, computer systems, network, and databases. A bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, or any related field is a good fit for this job.

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