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Hyrian Blockchain Developer

Job Expired

The Position:
We are looking for a talented mid to senior-level blockchain developer who will be responsible for
designing, implementing, and supporting a distributed blockchain-based network, whether on private or
public chain. Your primary responsibility will be analyzing requirements, designing blockchain
technology around our business model, working alongside front and back-end developers and architects
to build and launch the blockchain-based authentication product.
• Design, develop, and integrate blockchain technologies into the web application.
• Working alongside full stack developers and architects to design database integration
with a blockchain, private or public.
• Brainstorm and help evaluate applications for new tools and technologies as they
continually evolve.
• Maintain and extend current client- and server-side applications responsible for
integration and business logic.
• Be involved in the global blockchian community – work on implementing and integrating
the latest improvement proposals or protocols.
• Document new solutions as well as maintaining that of existing ones.
• Experience working with blockchain open-source projects such as Bitcoin, Hyperledger
Fabric, Ethereum etc.
• Proficiency in one of the following common languages: Java, JaveScript, Python, Rubes,
Java, Node.js, or GO.
• Strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structures
• Familiarity with basic cryptography and P2P networks
• Experience working with large codebases
• Strong knowledge of building out private blockchain
• Strong knowledge of concurrency and writing efficient and safe multithreaded code
• Solid understanding of SQL(MySQL, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL(MongoDB)
• Strong communication and collaboration skills.
• Undergraduate degree in Computer Science Engineering, or equivalent experience.

  • This job has expired!