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Business Analyst

Development Opportunities:
  • Working in an internal, innovative, and engaging environment
  • Learning how to drive a fast, complex, and transformative change across Roche globally
  • You will be part of a highly motivated, dynamic, and fun-loving team that is never afraid of taking on new challenges
  • Build/extend your network by adding people from various parts of the organization (EpiCX team, international and Global functions, affiliate level)
  • Challenge yourself to grow, excel and develop on relevant capabilities within the remit of role and program
  • Your role would have an impact on affiliates across the relevant region
  • Your role will drive impact to commercial solutions, data and analytics products including right adoption and change to business processes


Your Responsibilities:
  • Partner and work with the network of Business Analysts to reduce silos, cross barriers between products and geographies, increase sense of belonging and facilitate communication
  • Work to wring in improvement of tools, templates, and approaches to drive better analysis.
  • Act as a liaison between the Program product and services, the R&D Service Leadership and all the Business Analysts.
  • Understand affiliate’s as-is processes and how these can work With EpiCX ecosystem (define to-be stage)
  • Collect user requirements and translate into user stories in JIRA
  • Leverage learning from Other BAS to better understand and optimize the analysis process
  • Create high level mapping documents between systems and defining business data transtormation rules
  • Assess it an affiliate local requirements (e.g. regulatory or legal requirement) can be covered by EpiCX core configuration, collaborate With product teams to address needs Without compromising core consistency
  • Provide business process mapping in alignment With core product configuration (incl.affiliates SMEs)
  • Gather, manage and document business and integration requirements including functional requirements, non-functional requirements, interactions and flows between the EpiCX and downstream system
  • Liaise With PO to find best ways to deliver requirements it not met by Core product configuration.
  • Act as a true partner With Attiliate SMEG to find solutions to functional inconsistencies and challenges
  • Participate in configuration sprint planning and review sessions to verify delivery adherence to requirements
  • Participate in preparation sessions to define Test Scenarios, help to identify data needed for the tests and
    support script preparation
  • Support preparation or LIAT Scripts and assist Affiliate users along LIAT execution
  • Review relevant training material to drive better understanding and adoption Ot the product
  • Support Hypercare period in order to facilitate the handover 01 the application to Operations


Qualifications and Experience that Will help you to be successful:
  • 84 years Of overall professional experience
  • 54 years Of experience is similar role and context
  • 34 years experience on a complex I multi-county solutions
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or equivalent education or work experience
  • Business domain knmvledge for one or more Of the following area(s): Commercial excellence, CRM,
    multichannel, analytics/dashboards, data
  • Demonstrated experience and knowledge Of one or more Of the lollowing tools: IQVIA OCE (or similar With focus
    on Sales, Marketing, Territory Management) Reltio MOM, Salesforce.corn functionalities, AWS Data Lake, Gigya
  • Practice Of Agile BA Frameworks (IIBA)


Preferred Skills/AbiIities:
  • Ability to understand complex business process and influence business change to adapt to global norms
  • Advanced understanding 01 business analysis techniques and processes
  • Strong analytical capabilities and skills as well as the ability to extrapolate meaning from such analyses
  • Negotiation skills and the ability to influence Others
  • Ability to communicate clearly, effectively and by simplifying complex information
  • Attitude to learn, assess, and question needs, information, and rightfulness Ot data from a value perspective
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, details oriented With a focus on quality and accuracy
  • Good soft skills Ior stakeholder engagement and cross-organization communications
  • Risk management and identification
  • Ability to work under indirect supervision as well as drive dialog With the stakeholders
  • Effective interpersonal skills and collaborative management style to include teamwork
  • Strong awareness 01 geographic, cultural and organisational opportunities, conditions and constraints
  • Passionate about learning, sharing and further developing best practices to achieve greater impact
  • Flexibility to attend meetings Outside •standard” working hours when required
  • Excellent written and verbal English
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