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SnapPay is a leading online payment system that partners with Alipay providing fast and secure cross-border payment solutions for online, mobile & in-store.

SnapPay is currently looking for a passionate and performance-oriented business professional to fill the captioned role.

Job Description

1, Responsible for the operation of the business, can help the business to carry out event planning, the implementation of activities and the use of various marketing tools to promote and launch, increase merchant traffic and popularity, resulting in higher product sales;

2, familiar with the physical business or Internet e-commerce marketing activities, develop product promotion programs, develop monthly promotion budgets, implement marketing promotion plans and program execution, and cooperate with the completion of phased sales targets;

3, responsible for daily monitoring of background data: marketing data, transaction data, data analysis, merchandise management, customer management, production of statistical reports;

  • Responsible for the formulation of annual, quarterly and monthly work plans and implementation to ensure the healthy operation of all indicators;
  • Organize core data, regularly track and evaluate operational results, submit statistical analysis reports of operational results, and provide practical and feasible improvements;
  • Familiar with the operation rules of each platform, market environment, and competitors, and coordinate and adjust the operation plan in a timely manner;
  • Establish and maintain a normal and stable relationship with the partner to ensure that the business is well developed.


1, With experience in the Internet community and e-commerce operations, ability to operate solutions, product marketing planning, promotion, organization, implementation and full case follow-up experience;

2, good at summarizing and analyzing, with strong data analysis ability and logical thinking ability;

3, quick thinking, strong execution, and aggressiveness;

4, there is a strong team spirit, better resistance to pressure;

5, work actively, strong learning ability, have a strong sense of responsibility, focus on team communication and cooperation; thinking broad, agile, have the spirit of continuous self-improvement;

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $34,000.00 to $36,000.00 /year


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