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Office Coordinator

Ensuring that office environment is clean and organized (e.g., office sweep to check team’s desks are clean, all whiteboards cleaned every night, cleaning the coffee machine, watering the plants and Christmas tree, refrigerator cleaned, team member drawers, cable management, etc.)
• Conducting (and adding to) bi-weekly supply check and office cleaning as outlined in Hank.
• Optimizing the office environment based on (1) Lean Six Sigma thinking, ideas, and processes to anticipate and eliminate office environment waste (g., files on desks, excessive office supplies, obsolete files or office equipment, etc.); and (2) the firm’s preferences and instructions.
• Managing storage and instantly locating anything in the office environment (e.g., file folders, equipment, etc.).
• Ordering supplies, following up and receiving orders, and ensuring the team has everything they need to work efficiently.
• Creating, posting, and managing office and seating schedules (and dealing with any change requests).
• Coordinating, managing, and following up with third party workers including putting third parties in an optimal position to deliver what we want and inform team of any disruptions, etc.
• Managing relationship, coordinating and responding to any issues with building management, cleaning services, and alarm.
• Managing alarm, door codes, parking “clickers”, and office key fobs.
• Coordinating and following up with any party (including the IT Department) to ensure that we have a high-performance office environment.
• Reviewing and taking appropriate action to address Office Environment JIRA tickets.
• Setting up new team member’s drawer, workstation, adding new team members to meeting invites etc., and working with P&C Admin to ensure that the new team member is ready to go before Day 1.
• Perform the Periodic Office Sweeps, as outlined
• Attending the Weekly Operations Meeting.
• Obtaining PVA’a approval on any new office supplies
• Keeping track of thermostat and office temperature
• Creating Hank pages related to Office Environment (i.g. coffee maker)
• Letting the Incoming Documents role know when boxes of CL documents have been sitting in storage for longer than a week so that they can deal.
• B) Internal Firm Meetings & Scheduling
• Scheduling and setting up internal firm meetings, and ensuring optimal meeting environment (e.g., confirming participants’ attendance, video arrangements, agenda confirmation and best practices etc.).
• Ensuring that team members are sent calendar invites to meetings, resolving any scheduling conflicts, and dealing with any other issues.
• Addressing JIRA tickets for the Office Environment department


Pay: $40K/Year

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