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Scala Developer/Lead

Looking for developers and Defect manager/Dev Ops specialist for the DAL team. DAL is a data streaming solution, developers will be working on data assembly logic programmed in scala, using the Akka Streams framework. The DAL DB is CosmosDB. The defect manager/devOps specialist will be responsible for defects troubleshooting, ruling out environment issues before passing those defects to developers for code level changes. This will include connectivity check (and troubleshooting) of the DAL pipeline, data flow from source systems to destination, retrofits confirmation, communication with other teams, involved in the flow, to confirm validity of their respective flows.


Technical skills:

  1. Kafka
  2. noSQL DB: CosmosDB, Cassandra
  3. Kibana/Elastic Search
  4. Scala/AKKA framework/Spark
  5. AKS/Docker



Soft skills:

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Comfortable in a technical environment and can work independently within a fast-paced environment
  3. Self-starter with the ability to multi-task effectively
  4. Deep interest in understanding of new technology
  5. Rogers experiences – Wireless, Wireline or both
  6. Like to learn new things
  7. Demonstrated problem solving skills
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