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Software Development Engineer

Job Description

Job Description:
The role:
Software Development Engineer

Work Location:
Waterloo, Ontario

Business Introduction:
With the mission of capturing the biggest market share in the area of cyber security, network security, endpoint security, threat research, malware research, cloud security, we work together for a common goal of shaping the company’s future by designing and building the best in class robust and scalable security products for consumer and enterprise customers. As industry top performers, we aim to develop optimized high performance system software solutions with high availability and reliability.

This is where you come in. We are looking for a new team member who defined by his/her unique and innovative skills, style or point of view. You can be an architect, scientist , threat researcher, or a coder as long as you design things that matters.

As a Software Development Engineer a typical day might include following:

Developing consumer security software for Windows PC to be used by millions of people around the world

Performing the duties and rituals of an agile development lifecylce

Working with team and cross-team members to design, develop, debug and release production quality products

Creating and using development, test and analysis tool chain to help automate and improve software quality

Curate and manage telemetry, dataflows and workflow automation to help the business understand and improve business outcomes

Perform deep data analysis on big data systems to bring nuanced perspective to a complex userbase

You have:
2+ years’ software development experience

Excellent oral, written and interpersonal skills

Proven record of software development and delivery in agile teams

Bachelors Degree or higher in Computer Science or related field

You are good at:
Be passionate about server and system automation with Python

Good understanding of JavaScript/HTML/CSS

C/C++ programming (Nice to have)

Dealing with high-concurrency environments and the primitives used to manage them

Understanding and negotiating trade-offs in software requirements and design

Collaborating, analyzing, documenting and converging on software design in a large group

You are awesome at:
Solving problems and making a difference in the world

Quickly learning and using various common code, data and development tools and technologies, like SVN, git, wikis, Visual Studio, shell scripting, SQL, databases and big data systems

Our Mission:
To relentlessly protect all that matters through leading edge cyber security, from your workplace to your home and everywhere in between.

Our Vision:
To enable a world where cyber security is so consistent, reliable and effective that it becomes a trusted foundation in our lives – like clean air and water. Our technology enables the world to fully realize the transformative power of the digital age, by protecting all that matters. By doing our job well, we drive limitless innovation, securely.

Our Values:
We live our values day in and day out, do you think you can live our values with us? If you can, don’t think, just connect with us. Together is power.

We achieve Excellence with Speed and Agility

We Play to Win or Don’t Play

We Innovate without Fear

We Practice Inclusive Candor and Transparency

We Put the Customer at the Core

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