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Talent Portal Peer to Peer Resume Review Initiative (Round 1)

Hi TP Friends,

Thank you for joining TP Initiative. As promised, TP is rolling out the Peer-to-Peer Resume Review Initiative, free of charge, to members of our community. We have invited senior professionals from various organizations and corporation as volunteers to help review your resume and provide feedback based on their experience. If you are interested in becoming Resume Reviewer Volunteer, please kindly contact Cheng directly on wechat or email him at We welcome everyone to take part of TP and build a healthy and sustainable community together.

  1. What is it – it is a peer-to-peer resume review exercise; please kindly make sure your resume at least contain the minimum content such as Summary, Education, Experience, etc. Incompleted resume will not be reviewed.
  2. What is it not – it is not a word to word revision of your resume, rather it is more of a structural and high-level revision of your resume to make sure that it fulfills the general standard and principles
  3. How to be qualified
    1. share at least 1 or more jobs with others in the wechat group previously, OR
    2. share this article on your wechat moment and collect 5+ likes
  4. Member Segment
    1. in order to better manage the volume and ensure the review quality, round 1 review will be only opened to the workforce with working experience under 2 yrs (i.e. new graduate, 1 -2 working experience). Depending on the project progress and resource availability, it will be soon rolled out to other member segments.
  5. How does it work
    1. register as a free user
    2. You can register with your “Facebook”, “Google” or “LinkedIn” account, or just email address
    3. Make sure you select “I’m a candidate looking for a job” option
    4. Once you are registered, click on “Post a Resume” at the top of the menu, or “login email”
    5. Fill “Resume Title” as “Name – Submit for peer-for-peer review” (!!important to follow this naming convention, otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to tell your resume is submit for review, thanks) 
    6. Upload “resume” as attachment in word format
    7. Type out brief introduction of yourself
    8. Select option from the Qualification drop-down, to indicate that you have either share job before or share this article on your wechat moment and collect 5+ likes (we are hoping each member of this community can all contribute to the development of it one way or the other. It is based on Honor System, i.e. we will not check if you have share job previously or collect 5+ likes)
    9. Our volunteers will review your resume and assign to resume review
    10. You will receive review and comment resume through email as soon as we finish reviewing it

As this is a pilot project, there are areas will be improved along the way. The project will be paused once the volume reaches 100. Feel free to send us as feedback.


TP Team


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