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Thank you all for your support, we are 1,843 strong now

Good Morning my friends,

Thank you for your continuous support, Talent Portal is now 1,843 members strong after 3 months in operation.

The member base increases by 15% for the past 4 weeks, over 43 jobs are shared and referred.

We really appreciate your help and build this professional community together with every other.

Thank you for inviting your friends into this group, it is the BIGGEST support we are receiving, that means you agree with our vision and you enjoy job and information we are sharing.

Your support is paramount to our operation and essential to our source of confidence.

And the biggest congratulation to all who finds jobs this month. The credit goes back to every one of you, for sharing and supporting each other along the way.

Remember, job hunting is part of our life journey, and we should enjoy it no matter it is challenging or smooth.

Thank you again for your support and continue the good wills together.

Sharing is Caring, help each other and others will help you back.

TP Team : )

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