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Who We Are

Talent Portal is a Non-For-Profit organization established in Toronto that is dedicated at helping talents reach their dream career. The organization has a simple goal of encouraging professionals within the same community to share career opportunities with each other.

Our community consists of professionals from Finance, Accounting, Information Technology, Engineer, and Marketing. Talent Portal is designed such that we have online community platform where members can share experience and opportunities online with other; our regular offline meetup brings talents together in person and establishes trust linkages with each other.

We are proud to be an independent organization that is fully powered by volunteers and trust by over 3,000 members.

Sharing is Caring. We are volunteers working together to build a community where members can mingle and get to know each other well, and become lifelong friends. We encourage each member to share career opportunities and resource together. Help others, and others will help back, toward you and/or your kids.

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What Talent Portal Offer

We are volunteering together to build a stronger community.

Job Sharing
Members are encouraged to share job opportunities and any other resource within the community, help members land on their dream career. These jobs could be internal posting/hiring, or friends’ requests.

Internal Referral
Members are encouraged to help refer others to the company that they are currently working, as s/he will know candidate through our network for a long period of time already and will be able to tell quick if s/he is a good fit.

We gather together every once in a while to build bonding between members, this will not only help members build professional network, but also make life long friends with same minded people.