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Consultancy and Project-based IT solutions

IT Consultancy and project-based solution

Your company is growing, and you urgently need an IT solution to help boost your company productivity or increase the cost saving, or software/solution to help improve business operation transparency. But, the team lacks the skill and knowledge on where and how to start the solution, or what the solution should look like? Look no further, Talent Portal IT consultancy and project-based IT solutions is here to provide you professional and peace-minded solution. 

Talent Portal can help you build an internal IT team or you can outsource it to our professional in-house team, to deliver the right solution for you.

1. Build your OWN IT Team

An IT team can be as big as 100 professionals, or as few as 2-3. The size and skillsets of the team depending on the goal you try to achieve. What is the reason that you want to implement an IT team, what solution you want them to deliver at what time frame? More importantly, how much is your budget? 

The most organization doesn’t have the capacity to build a world-class IT team, but Talent Portal team is here to help you achieve that. We have a rigid roadmap and robust system in place to help you build the right IT team. Some key criteria to consider, 

  • Project nature, time and budget
  • Technology
  • Solution
  • Infrastructure

You don’t have to have all the answers, that is our job. Ready to start building your own IT team? Contact us today, we will draft the team build for you, and everything else too.

Our network of IT professional range from project manager, to solution architecture,  deverloper, business analyst, network adminstrator, security expert and QA professionals. We can quickly source and deploy the right talent with the right skills for you.

Our successful practice is built around custom-centric approach, and we are experienced IT professional ourself. With both qualities equipped, we think of project success from your perspective from day one. 

That is, we build an IT team to aim for successful project delivery, and on budget and on time in the requirement of your company. To get to know more of our approach, contact us today for details. 

2. Outsourcing/Managed service PROGRAM

Building your own IT team can be costly and lots of burdens to carry. Before you take the initiative to start an IT team, a good alternative to consider is outsourcing your project. 

Outsourcing will not only avoid the human capital cost and the operational disruption as a result of the inrush IT team but also mitigate the risk if the IT team is new for your company. Talent Portal has a team of experienced in-house IT professionals that will fulfill your needs. We apply the best practice in technology, analytics, compliance and quality control for your project and team management. We ensure the project is delivered in a professional and cost-effective manner to your company. 

What Talent Portal Offer

Cloud Enablement

Cloud Solution is cost-effective, agile and scalable. Implementing cloud-enabled technology for your company will give your operation a head start in the current business world. Talent Portal has a team of cloud experts to implement the right solution for your company. It will not only significantly reduce your infrastructure cost, as well as long-term maintenance costs. With a minimum cost, you can share the same service/solution that was once upon only available to the fortune 500 companies in the world. Contact us today to get set up your cloud-based system for your company.

Cloud enabled solution ranged from Customer Relationship Management, to Enterprise Resource Management, Supply Chain, Accounting and Finance, Project Management, Human Resource, Data and Content Management, as well as corporation website and e-commerce platform integration, marketing and more.

Agile Software Development

We design, develop and deliver the modern IT application/system with the latest programming technologies and tools for our clients. With the agile software development methodology, we will help you gather and analyze necessary business requirements, and convert them into Minium Viable Solution. Then, we will source the right talent to develop the system and control the product quality. Eventually, we will help you maintain the solution for continuous improvement as needed. 

The agile approach we commonly practice in our project will ensure the transparency and traceability of the ongoing development work, mitigate risks throughout the project lifecycle and ensure the successful delivery of the project.

Managed Service Program (MSP) Staffing

A contingent worker program is crucial to business success nowadays. All large corporations have a contingent worker program in place to help them drive the demand and supply of contingent workers. Is your program flexible, up-to-date and optimized to fit your business operation needs? The MSP is an integral of procurement, human resource, and finance. It defines the operation framework of the contingent workers, such as sourcing, onboard, offboard, billing and invoice management, tenure monitoring and cost reduction management. Effectively use of vendor management system for contingent worker program can give the complete visibility and expenditure of the workforce, therefore, drive the cost savings and operational efficacy.

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