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How do you answer ‘Why should we hire you?’

“Why should we hire you?” is one of the most popular questions asked during interviews. You must be wondering how should this question be answered.

Oftentimes this question is kept towards either the very beginning of the interview or most likely at the very end, kind of like a summary question.

Brie Reynolds, FlexJobs

Give an extended version of your elevator pitch

Your answer to this question is an “extended version of your elevator pitch”. This is another opportunity to let the employer know why you’re right for the job. You may also want to utilize the STAR method –  situation, task, action, and results.

Gauge your answer based on the rest of the interview

Remember what skills and tasks were being asked during the interview and leverage on that when you get asked this question at the latter part of your interview.

Anticipating future challenges shows more initiative

Besides expressing how you are a good fit for the role, you can also showcase what you can do for the company. Think of the past challenges you have and how were you able to overcome them.

Source: How to answer the interview question ‘Why should we hire you?’ / Grow

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