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What Entry-Level Accounting Jobs are available out there now?

You may be a recent graduate, looking into what you should do and what to apply for. You can also be thinking about what kind of job you can get while working through your designation or certification. In this case, you may want to look for an entry-level job.

An entry-level job is a job that requires minimal professional experience and will eventually lead to a higher position. Some employers may require at least one year of experience where your internships can count as experience and an undergraduate degree in the related field.

Entry-level accounting jobs are your first step into building your career in accounting. These jobs provide the necessary experience and expertise for you to advance your career in accounting.

Let’s breakdown the top entry-level accounting jobs:


A bookkeeper is responsible for monitoring client accounts, recording and maintaining the business’ financial records (e.g. income statements, balance sheet, cash flow, etc), and generating reports. Bookkeepers record every financial transaction in the general ledger which is known as journal entries. They are responsible for making sure that records are accurate and in order.

The average base salary for bookkeepers is CA$21 per hour.

Accounting Assistant

The accounting assistant provides support in the accounting department by handling tasks related to accounting and finances. They perform clerical tasks including but not limited to preparing reports and budgets, recording transactions, and preparing invoices. Accounting assistants also support other administrative tasks.

The average salary of an accounting assistant is CA$43,683 per year.

Accounts Payable Specialist

Accounts payable specialists are professionals who validate and process each invoice in the organization. On top of that, they also attend to vendor inquiries, reconcile vendor statements, process checks, and more. Most employers only require a high school diploma for this job.

The average salary of an accounting payable specialist is CA$50,440 per year.

Account Receivable Specialist

An account receivable specialist is responsible for making sure a business is in good financial standing. They validate payments and deposits, record unpaid invoices, sends bills to customers, and process payments. The account receivable specialist may have different duties depending on the company’s requirements.

The average salary of an accounting receivable specialist is CA$47,229 per year.

Payroll Administrator

A payroll administrator is responsible for the whole payroll process and ensuring employees are paid correctly and on time. They organize data and perform the necessary calculations for the employees’ salaries. Payroll administrators also ensure that current business and tax laws are followed.

The average salary of a payroll administrator is CA$54,694 per year.

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