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Telecom Business Analyst

Key Responsibilities
  • Should be able to work shards, index management, queries, X-Pack etc in Elasticsearch,
  • Write parse in logstash
  • Handling Kibana
  • Should have knowledge on Setting up and configuring ELK Stack
  • Collect and analyze Elasticsearch slow logs indexing issues
  • Troubleshooting performance issue and scaling indices
  • Configure Logstash, Filebeat and Possible other ELK stack components to collect and store the data to meet the business requirement Capacity planning and analysis for Elastic


Technical Experience
  • Integration with various tools like Dynatrace, Solarwinds etc
  • Knowledge on Rsyslog configuration setup
  • Need to know about logstash parsing and configuration
  • Knowledge on X-Pack Package
  • Scripts: should be able to write scripts in linux
  • Kibana: Create different visualization and dashboard according to the clients needs
  • Need to handle various log in single logstash pipeline
  • Implement and configure contentAlerts, Dashboard, etc, on kibana
  • Driving operation readiness and resolving the production issues in ELK
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