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Senior Marketing Manager

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DocuPet, the foremost provider of outsourced pet licensing services for municipalities across North America, is expanding rapidly. Our mission is to provide a safe and happy home for every pet and we need the help of amazing people to achieve that goal.

Headquartered in Kingston, Ontario, we are now seeking an experienced senior manager to build and engage our online community of pet owners across North America.


The Senior Manager of Communications is chiefly responsible for building our growing pet owner user base into an engaged and loyal community. As a member of our senior leadership team, this role is responsible for marketing and communications strategy, messaging communications, data and performance tracking, and engagement performance.

In conjunction with the technology, operations and municipal relationships teams, this role is also responsible for devising, implementing and optimizing improvements to the core product offering for the pet owner audience across North America.

Over time, DocuPet will offer a mobile application that provides additional services and offerings to its user base. The goal is to become a daily/weekly go-to resource for pet owners who are brand loyal, active referrers, and consistent consumers of our features, tools and products. This role is critical in achieving this goal in the immediate future.

More specifically, the responsibilities of this role include:

  • Brand Positioning – Our Senior Manager of Communications is responsible for honing our brand identity, assessing our position in the marketplace, and ensuring that all strategy and communications adhere to each.This role is also responsible for continuing to define our target audience, refine stakeholder personas, and develop proven strategies to engage with these diverse audiences.
  • Communications Strategy and Planning – Every communication piece must fit within a framework strategy. This role is responsible for developing the communication strategy and associated flight plans ensuring that our messaging is proactive and deliberate, accounting for seasonality, customer lifecycles, and specific pet owner demographics.
  • Blog Development – This role is responsible for working with existing content developers to create compelling written, audio and video content and ensuring that content is distributed, attracts visitors, and becomes a core component of the customer experience.
  • Email Communications – This role is responsible for executing our email communications program, inclusive of segmenting email lists, drafting copy and subject lines, and conducting A/B testing and optimization.
  • Social Media Communications – Well versed in the latest social media strategies and tactics, our Senior Manager of Communications is responsible for devising and executing our social media strategy on Facebook, and if deemed strategically important, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as well.
  • Paid Advertising – This role is responsible for devising and executing a paid advertising strategy that drives customer conversion and retention.
  • Data Tracking, Insight Development, and Optimization – We are a data-driven company. It is imperative that all of our strategy communication decisions are based in data-support logic. Using off-the-shelf and custom-built data/traffic/behaviour analysis tools, this role is responsible for tracking communications, evaluating performance, devising data-based insights, optimizing communications programs, and providing product recommendations.
  • Product Development and Optimization – Working alongside other members of our senior management team, our Communications leader will help conceive new features and products for our user base. This work also includes recommending changes to current offerings to increase their adoption by pet owners. Further, this role is responsible for positioning new products and services in the market and within our existing customer base.
  • Reporting – Communication within the company is critical for our fast-growing company to continue is steady growth. Effective communication amongst our team both written and verbal is a core responsibility of this role. Effective and actionable reporting, both standardized and ad hoc, is paramount to a successful communications department.
  • Research and Best Practice Development – All of our senior managers are required to be innately curious. This curiosity cannot be internal only, but must also include purposeful tracking of happenings in the market, of new trends, and of new tools or best practices that can be adopted by our company. It is critical that our senior management be and remain at the top of their field as it relates to changing knowledge and best practices.


  • 5+ years’ experience in marketing, with at least 2 as the leader of a digital marketing program
  • Proven success developing, implementing and managing a successful digital marketing program
  • Experience hiring and managing employees
  • Comfort working in a high-paced and evolving work environment
  • Demonstrable alignment to our company’s core values

Our Mission and Values:

At DocuPet, each team member comes to work each day to put their best effort toward our collective mission: DocuPet aims to ensure a safe and happy home for every pet in North America.

We gel as a team because we understand the core values that drive each of our actions and decisions. Our five core values are:

  • Go Big – We do big things. We don’t aim to impress just ourselves, but to be the very best anywhere.
  • Whatever It Takes – We finish whatever we start. No excuses.
  • Inspire – Each of us has a job to do, and we do it with excellence and grace.
  • Sell It – Each of us is responsible for selling ourselves, our projects, our outcomes and our efforts.
  • Respect – We work as a team and treat each other the way we expect to be treated.

About DocuPet:

DocuPet launched its first municipal pet licensing program in Guelph, Ontario, in late 2014. Since that time, we have partnered with more than 20 municipalities and regions. We expect to expand our operations to the United States in the first half of 2018.

Our program is successful not just because we offer the best online platform for pet owners and municipal administrators in the industry, but because we work hard to build awareness in each community, make licensing convenient for pet owners, provide deals, rewards and valuable services, and support by-law enforcement.

We are growing very quickly, and expect our team of more than 20 amazing people across Ontario to continue to increase if we can find the skilled, dynamic, flexible, hard-working, team players we need to complete our collective mission.

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Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

  • Bachelor’s

Required experience:

  • marketing: 5 years

Required language:

  • English
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